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Nearly 100 women from all over the world have shown their support for the ability to choose a vaginal birth after cesarean.

Will you join them?


Image/story Submission

To submit your image and/or story to our website and blog, just complete the form below and upload your image or story to the appropriate links!

Image Submission Guidlines:

  • Images should be in black and white only. All images shared in color will be changed to black and white before posting
  • Images should be taken by someone else, no selfies please!
  • Images taken by a professional photographer either working with us or otherwise should be shared with their watermark and you should have permission from the photographer to share.
  • Submitted images will be posted to our website and maybe shared on social media for promotion purposes of The VBAC Project.

Story Submission Guidelines:

  • A story maybe submitted for posting on our blog, or you may submit a link to your story if it is already online.
  • Stories posted to our blog will be shared on social media.
  • Stories should be 500-700 words if possible.
  • Submit stories in Word or PDF files only.

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